14 Great Oak Street, Llanidloes,
Powys, SY18 6BU.

Tel/Fax: 01686 412563
E-mail: tc@lrc.ruralwales.org

Open 10.30 am - 5.00 pm,
Tuesday - Saturday
(also open evenings by special arrangement)

providing ...


The Llanidloes Resource Centre can provide the following computer-related facilities ...

  • Full colour scanning and image manipulation,
  • document scanning & OCR,
  • printing (black & white laser or colour inkjet),
  • a range of programs for
    • graphics,
    • word-processing,
    • desk-top publishing (DTP),
    • Internet access, e-mail, etc.
  • e-mail/ht server - including local dial-in access.

The organization of the Telecentre.

Through its skilled associates in the local community the Llanidloes Resource Centre can also undertake ...

  • consultancy,
  • training,
  • system integration,
  • web-site design and hosting,
  • programming,
  • graphic design (posters, logos, letter heads, etc.),
  • DTP (leaflets, newsletters, etc.),
  • etc.

We also sell discs, mouse mats, etc.


  • recycled photocopier paper,
  • recycled envelopes.


The Llanidloes Resource Centre houses a small reference library (incorporating the Oxfam Library on loan from PEDEC) of books, periodicals & leaflets relating to ...

  • sustainable development,
  • renewable energy,
  • environmental and conservation issues,
  • community regeneration,
  • low-impact technologies,
  • sustainable agriculture,
  • organic gardening,
  • economics,
  • science and technology,
  • etc.

The Llanidloes Resource Centre also provides notice boards for community-related matters such as ...

  • Llani LETS information and contact point.
  • Lifts/transport-sharing notice board.
  • Accommodation wants/offers notice board.
  • General wants/offers notice board.


The Llanidloes Resource Centre can provide the following additional facilities and services ...

  • Photocopying.
  • Llani LETS information and contact point.
  • Community postbox and drop-off point.
  • Video camera hire (with operator).
  • Video users' club.
  • video-viewing facilities.

Links to the Local Economy

The Llanidloes Resource Centre is staffed and managed entirely by volunteers.

People are our most important resource.

The Llanidloes Resource Centre came into being with the generous support of Powys County Council, Environment Wales, Menter Powys, the Comptons Yard Trust, and the many volunteers and anonymous benefactors (past and present) who have put in the time and energy needed to get a project like this off the ground.

The Llanidloes Resource Centre shares part of its premises with Endangered Species, a completely separate organisation campaigning on environmental and human rights issues.

Last modified 11th September 1998.