Definitions And History Of Telecentres Powys

What is a Telecentre?
Powys currently has fifteen Telecentres all set-up in a variety of ways and with differing origins. This currently amounts to 10% of all those in the UK. They have been encouraged in Powys by the County Council, the Development Board for Rural Wales and Menter Powys among others, to address specific areas of concern in the county, namely:

• rurality- Powys has the sparsest population of any county in Europe

• outward migration of the young (1/4 of the population is retired)

Powys Telecentres are made up of 5 Community Businesses Limited by Guarantee, 4 Community Enterprise Resource Centres, 2 Social Services Project, 1 Private, 1 Community Support Project and 2 Powys Training Projects.
Each model has slightly different goals but the overall shared objective is to provide low cost, high quality, flexible access to modern computer and communications technologies to all members of the community.
This shared common objective has given rise to a network of Telecentres who work together to ensure every effort is made to support the rapidly growing demands of our rural communities upon modern technology.
It is this co-operation that will provide the necessary skills, range of equipment, supported development and efficiency to support the rural communities
What is Teleworking ?

Teleworking enables you to work at a distance from your employer or customers, either from home or in a local centre such as a Telecentre.

Increasingly companies source their information processing away from their premises using teleworkers. Distance or location is no object - teleworking enables jobs to be moved to people, making jouneys to work or relocating to find work unnecessary.


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