The Welshpool telecentre has been operational for three years. The Telecentre is one of the longest established telecentres in Powys, it is the second telecentre managed by Powys Training.

As a result of this close link much of the work of the telecentre is involved with computer training, Shirley estimates that 50% of the time is spent educating trainees in the use of computers.

The strength of the Welshpool telecentre is that it is very flexible for its clients, many of the businesses in the area are of a small size and the telecottage can cater for their needs, for example Desk Top Publishing services can be combined with short run printing, which meets the needs of small businesses who often want small quantities.

The Telecentre has some interesting regular clients including a local writer who spent many months editing his book in to a film script and a local vicar who is also a prolific writer.


Shirley Crowther


Welshpool Enterprise Centre,

Welshpool, Powys.
Tel: 01938 556333.
Fax: 01938 555575.

Updated 9 Febuary 1998