As taught by Lee Kam Chan and Prof. Chee Soo

The Taoist Arts Organisation

teaches the following Lee Family arts:

T'ai Chi Ch'uan A slow form of 140 moves in 42 sequences

Feng Shou Hand of the Wind style self defence system

Chi Shu Taoist Throwing art

T'ai Chi Fei Shou T'ai Chi Flying Hands or Dance

K'ai Men Taoist Yoga

I Fu Shou Sticky Hands

Lun Shou Whirling Hands

Lun Pei Whirling Arms

Tao Yin Taoist Breathing Therapy

Chi Kung Internal Energy Development

Li Kung External Energy Development

Mo Kun Advanced Mental Control

Anmo Taoist Massage

Weapons Stick, Sword, Silk and Fan Forms.

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The list of classes cannot be comprehensive or always up to date. If in doubt phone your nearest instructor or the registered office on: 0181 309 6717.



For a little history of the Lee Family Style of T'ai Chi and the Taoist Arts, Chee Soo and Tony Swanson, now the Technical Director of the Taoist Arts Organisation, Click Here!

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